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Jamion Christian Coaching Basketball 3-Pack

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Jamion Christian Coaching Basketball 3-Pack

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  • Jamion Christian Coaching Basketball 3-Pack
  • Jamion Christian Coaching Basketball 3-Pack
  • Jamion Christian Coaching Basketball 3-Pack

Building the Mayhem Full Court Trapping Defense

with Jamion Christian,
Siena College Head Coach;
former Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach;
2017 Ben Jobe Coach of the Year;
2017 Northeast Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 NEC Champions - 2x NEC Champions (2014, 2017)

Jamion Christian's teams have had a lot of success creating a "Mayhem" style of play through full court, pressure man-to-man defense. His former Mount St. Mary's squads consistently ranked among the top five teams in the country for forcing turnovers by making their opponents play at an uncomfortable pace.

In this video, you'll get a complete breakdown of each player's role within Coach Christian's "Mayhem" style of play, along with a teaching progression for the defense and plenty of drills to teach players how to be aggressive

Concepts and Roles

From the start, players must understand the small details and techniques needed to create an advantage. Christian begins his on-court demonstration with a breakdown of roles within the "Mayhem" defense. By pressuring a team for 40 minutes, you can force your opponents to become fatigued and turn the tables into your favor by creating turnovers in the open court.

You'll see how players need to sprint from one spot in a trap to the next in diagonal bursts, causing constant ball pressure. One by one, Coach Christian adds defenders. Players will take their time walking through how to force opponents out of the middle of floor or recover to the middle of the floor out of the trap. Weak side or strong side, Christian demonstrates how you can keep the pressure on your opponent and avoid giving up layups in return.


With every layer installed in the "Mayhem" defense, you'll get the opportunity to fine-tune your players' misconceptions. Christian uses his Wolf Drills to teach players how to chase down a ball handler and not get into foul trouble by going after and knocking the ball out of their hands. Players must be comfortable sprinting from one end or one side of the floor to the other.

In the Recovery Drill, the second line of defense is added and chasers must force the ball handler to the interceptor, creating another possible trap and turnover situation.


Beginning with a trapping situation in 2v3 full court, players will learn the finer points of trapping - locking hands and being elastic with their feet and bodies. Only a perfect pass will be allowed out of the trap. Christian continuously adds players to build up the defense until you can play 5v5. By keeping your trapping and build-up segments short, players learn to become efficient at trapping and you can emphasize the details athletes will need to be successful.

This is an excellent video for coaches looking for an effective, uncomplicated defense that provides consistently positive results!

55 minutes. 2018.

Full Court Plays and Sideline Out-of-Bounds Sets

with Jamion Christian,
Siena College Head Coach;
former Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach;
2017 Ben Jobe Coach of the Year;
2017 Northeast Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 NEC Champions - 2x NEC Champions (2014, 2017)

In today's game, coaches have to be prepared to run full court offense. Whether playing against a pressing team or just needing to go the length of the floor for a bucket, you have to be prepared to put the ball in the right player's hands at the right time.

This video featuring Siena College head coach Jamion Christian shows excellent sets, drills, and teaching concepts that will help your team become unstoppable late in games.

Full Court Sets

Coach Christian begins by talking about why it's necessary to invest time in these type of plays. One of the important pieces he addresses is who should be the inbounder. This player must be your best decision maker late in games because they have to know their job and the job of those on the court. Christian's attention to detail is one of the keys behind his teams being successful late in games.

Next, three full court sets are demonstrated that have helped Christian put his team in position to win games. In Pistol, your best free throw shooter must have the ball in their hands and be able to push the ball quickly into the front court. In Clemson, your best free throw shooters are put into spots where they can easily get the ball going downhill to attack the basket quickly. In LIU, you can utilize your best free throw shooters as passers so they can get the ball quickly to your point guard, who can push the ball into the paint.

Set Press O

Having a set offense that looks to attack both man and zone presses gives your players a huge advantage. Christian shares why setting your best ball handler away from the basket and bringing them back to the ball helps create speed for your ball handler attacking the paint. You'll also see how using your post to set a flat screen will keep the defense on their heels and create a mismatch if teams switch the screen.

Sideline Out of Bounds

If the ball is on the sideline in the back court, you have to be prepared to deliver a play that gets a great look at the basket. Christian demonstrates three sets that you can run out of different angles and set up on the floor. If you're in the front court, using a flare screen to get your best shooter an open look is a great action, especially after ball fakes and post back screening action.

You'll come away from this video with new full and half court sets that you can teach to your team today!

50 minutes. 2018.

Progression Drills for Ball Screens and Utilizing the Pick & Roll

with Jamion Christian,
Siena College Head Coach;
former Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach;
2017 Ben Jobe Coach of the Year;
2017 Northeast Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 NEC Champions - 2x NEC Champions (2014, 2017)

Ball screen offense has been evolving every year and recently it's been utilized more in offensive game plans that spread the floor. If you have an outstanding group of guards that can attack the glass, then the use of ball screens can be one of the focal points of your offense.

Up-and-coming coach Jamion Christian has a track record of developing smart guards with a good basketball IQ. In this video, you will get a look at how he develops his players' vision and basketball IQ coming off of ball screens.

Ball Screen Progression

Guards must be able to pass the ball effectively in tight spaces and see the open player coming off of a ball screen. Teaching them to have their eyes on the paint helps perimeter players see the screen develop better.

Starting with simple early passing entries, Christian shows how to help players learn to get tight to the screen and look to hit the post player. From a bounce pass in the post to an overhead pass, guards learn to read the help side defender along with the post defense to take advantage of a mismatch. Making the right read will allow your guard to find the post player for a shot, attack the basket themselves or find a shooter for an open 3-pointer.


A perimeter player is only as good as their basketball IQ. Guards must be put into game-like situations in the half court in order to practice their skills and passing progression.

In Twirl, point guards and combo guards will learn how to come off of a high ball screen, flat ball screen, or step up ball screen and create scoring opportunities for a post seal or skip to an open shooter.

This is a fantastic video for any coach that is looking to build their ball screen knowledge and help their players use the ball screen more effectively!

46 minutes. 2018.

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