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Joe Wootten's Basketball Camp Video 4-Pack

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Joe Wootten's Basketball Camp Video 4-Pack

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  • Train players how to make essential reads based on what the defense does
  • Learn how to train a wide variety of offensive moves that will help athletes separate and finish with ease opponents of any size
  • Hone passing skills and train players on when to use various passes
  • Learn multiple shooting drills that focus on the amount of shots made, rather than the shots taken

Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp: Moving Without the Ball - Getting Open and Utilizing Ball Screens to Score

with Joe Wootten,
Bishop O'Connell (VA) HS Head Boys Coach; over 400 career victories;
5x Virginia State Independent Champions;
4x Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament Champions - including Back-to-Back-to-Back titles (2002-04);
3x WCAC Regular Season Champions;
3x Virginia State Independent Coach of the Year;
Director of Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp

One of the most difficult things to teach players is how to get them to play basketball without the basketball. In this great on-court video featuring Joe Wootten, you will learn how to show athletes moves they can use to get themselves and their teammates open, and also help them raise their basketball IQ by teaching them to read and react to the defense.

Coach Wootten covers all areas of movement without the basketball and progresses from the basics into more advanced movements.

Whiteboard Session

The cuts and screens covered are first shown on the white board, where Coach Wootten shows the teaching process and reads that each player will make. Wootten covers curling off screens, slipping screens, back cuts, and getting open on the wing.

How to "Get Open" Without the Ball

This idea, whiles seemingly simple, is essential for all players if they eventually want to create scoring opportunities for themselves or their teammates. Coach Wootten details the movements necessary to get open on the offensive end of the floor with various cuts, including the inside pivot, L-cut, and fake inside pivot.

Coach Wootten then breaks it down into two parts: getting open on your own and getting your teammates open. With the Individual Movement Drill Sequence, players will practice their skills in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 competitive games. Every detail from setting an effective screen to who each player should read only helps in the process of creating an effective and smart basketball player. Wootten emphasizes that players avoid making their mind up in advance.

The unselfish act of "getting your teammates open" is actually one of the most selfish things you can do in basketball, as it almost always leads to you getting open as well. Coach Wootten goes through a series of screens, teaching each screen, the screener's job, and the receiver's job. This is broken down to where players at any level can begin to implement these skills. The screening concepts and moves off the screen covered are:

  • Drift Screen Technique
  • Down Screening
  • Back Screening
  • Curls off the screen
  • Reverse Curls
  • Fade Cuts
  • Pop outs
  • Slips

Ball Screen Drills

A devastating offensive strategy, the ball screen may be one of the best in basketball, as both the bigs and the guards can benefit. Reading the defense is an area that Coach Wootten stresses. He takes time to make sure you understand the essential goals of the ball screen offense. Creating separation and creating mismatches are the two most common and useful benefits when using a ball screen. You'll see Coach Wootten break down ball screen reads for the bigs and the guards separately when they face the following defensive adjustments:

  • Verses hedges
  • Verses flat hedges
  • Verses soft hedges
  • Verses traps

In each of these strategies, Wootten gives guards and bigs the knowledge and techniques they'll need to successfully attack in every situation. With each section, Coach Wootten also includes some fun and competitive drills that help players learn how to put the lessons learned into action.

No matter what offense you run, this video will help you teach your players the progressions to reading the defense. From motion, to continuity, to set plays, this video is essential for your library and will help you teach your players the fundamentals of the game.

87 minutes. 2018

Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp: Footwork and Finishing Drills

with Joe Wootten,
Bishop O'Connell (VA) HS Head Boys Coach; over 400 career victories;
5x Virginia State Independent Champions;
4x Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament Champions - including Back-to-Back-to-Back titles (2002-04);
3x WCAC Regular Season Champions;
3x Virginia State Independent Coach of the Year;
Director of Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp

Individual development is not only a key for individual players, but also for teams. Joe Wootten brings years of knowledge to the court and passes on some great ways to build individual skills for your team while still using your time effectively in practice.

In this video, Coach Wootten shares multiple ways to get the ball into the basket. The moves taught are fundamentally sound, but also challenge even the best players to improve their game. Along with the finishing aspects of the video, Wootten invests time in the beginning part of the attack - stationary moves. This triple threat foundation to basketball gets players ahead of their defender and in great position to finish at the rim. The video concludes with an essential topic for all players - footwork.

Coach Wootten believes that players need to understand both how and why to make specific moves. He also believes that each player must have a variety of moves at their disposal so they can confidently attack any situation.

Finishing Moves

You'll begin with the layup, a fundamental move that is a must at all levels. While extremely basic, Coach Wootten's instruction on the "how" is great, but his emphasis on the "why" is the biggest value here.

Finishing starts a lot earlier than the rim, and the first part is creating space from the defender. Coach Wootten has his players rip through with the basketball and dribble out in front, which creates distance between the athlete and their defender. Without that dribble, it takes more time to get to the basket, allowing the defender to get back into position.

Coach Wootten covers a variety of finishing moves that can help your players quickly develop an arsenal of ways to get the ball in the basket against any opponent, big or small. Some of the moves covered include:

  • High Board finishes - Using the backboard and various angles to finish is a must when driving against bigger defenders.
  • Euro-Step - This deadly move puts the defender in a difficult situation.
  • Floater - The floater is a must for all guards, but can also be an effective finishing tool for bigs as well.
  • Pro Hop - This advanced move may be challenging for beginners, but can help separate an offensive player from their opponents.
  • Inside Hand Finish - A quick variation to the layup that can help players avoid getting blocked.
  • Rondo - Another high-level move that can leave the defender guessing.

Wootten also does a great job of showing how he teaches each move and how he incorporates these moves into larger camp settings. Working with an individual can be much easier than a bunch of campers, but Wootten's method of training can get the most out of both individuals and groups.

Stationary Moves

Coach Wootten's stationary moves series is just as essential to a player's success as the finishing moves. Some of the great stationary moves he teaches are:

  • Jab and Drive - Executing a jab step can create the needed space and deception necessary to get open.
  • Direct Drive - This fundamental move is taught in a way that will assure you, or your players, get the most out of each attack.
  • Crossover Drive - Being able to attack off of both hips is key to keeping defenders guessing.
  • Jab Reads - This drill builds on the moves taught before. Coaches defend players in different ways and the players learn to use what they were taught to find the most effective way past their defender.

Footwork Drills

Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender - Ball Handling and Passing Drills

with Joe Wootten,
Bishop O'Connell (VA) HS Head Boys Coach; over 400 career victories;
5x Virginia State Independent Champions;
4x Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament Champions - including Back-to-Back-to-Back titles (2002-04);
3x WCAC Regular Season Champions;
3x Virginia State Independent Coach of the Year;
Director of Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp

In this edition of his developmental series, Joe Wootten passes on a ton of great drills to help players improve their ball handling and passing skills. Wootten, the son of Hall of Fame coach Morgan Wootten, gives you a massive series of ball handling drills and highlights this video with his "Moves on the Move" segment.

Passing Drills

While passing drills aren't usually the most exciting part of individual practice, they are essential to developing a well-rounded game. If passing fundamentals get overlooked, players often fail to understand why and when to use various passes.

Coach Wootten shares a 2-man passing set of drills that starts with the fundamentals and builds up into more challenging passes. He then adds a pressure release passing drill that is essential if you want to cut down on your team's turnovers.

Two fun and challenging passing drills are also included. The first, "Sick, Dying or Dead," is a challenging competition where two players work on catching bullet-like passes. The next is the Rope Drill, where players try to keep the pass on a rope as they slowly get further and further away from their teammate. Keeping records of the furthest pass can help athletes stay motivated when working on their passing.

Moves on the Move

This series addresses what a player can do with the ball as they attack a defender and the basket. Wootten shares some gems that players can immediately implement into their game to help them get open looks verses even the best defenders.

Some of the dribble moves Coach Wootten covers include:

  • Slasher move - Hard, downhill attack.
  • Stop and Go move - Change of speed in the game can be deadly
  • Between the Legs - Simple crossover with additional thoughts to make it more complete.
  • In and Out move - After setting up a defender, this killer move can get them on their heels.
  • Combo moves - Multiple moves to keep defenders guessing.

Wootten explains each move and shares important tips that can make all of them deadly on the court. He also invests time in helping players know when and where to use the moves, helping them develop basketball IQ in the process.

Ball Handling Series

Level of comfort with the ball is correlated with an athlete's ability to dribble. Wootten shares nearly 50 stationary and dynamic ball handling drills. He uses the drills to develop hand-eye coordination, confidence with the ball, and familiarity on offense.

Coach Wootten gives you numerous attack moves and fundamental passing techniques to utilize on the court in this jam-packed video!

76 minutes. 2018

Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending and Rebounding Drills

with Joe Wootten,
Bishop O'Connell (VA) HS Head Boys Coach; over 400 career victories;
5x Virginia State Independent Champions;
4x Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament Champions - including Back-to-Back-to-Back titles (2002-04);
3x WCAC Regular Season Champions;
3x Virginia State Independent Coach of the Year;
Director of Coach Wootten's Basketball Camp

Joe Wootten passes on some gems in the areas of shooting, rebounding, and defense in this video!

For the shooting section, Wootten addresses developing correct form and then shows drills that can be used in both small group settings or large camp settings. Next, he hits on some foundational defensive concepts that are sure to help you and your players find more success on that end of the court. Finally, he shows rebounding drills and concepts that may have you reevaluating how you teach this important skill.

Each drill and technique is clearly explained and will benefit both players and coaches.


Coach Wootten begins with the acronym LA-BEEF when teaching shooting. Each letter means something important to developing a great and consistent shooting form. These simple, yet effective cues are great reminders for players as they develop the correct way to shoot. The most interesting piece of this section is Wootten's "A" (Attitude). Teaching kids to focus on the next make instead of the last miss is a mental piece of shooting that is a must in order to become a great shooter.

Coach Wootten passes on shooting drills that can be used as players develop their form. Some of the drills include:

  • Shooting off the backboard - This drill works simply on form and gets players to avoid worrying about results
  • Spot shooting - These close-up shots are essential in developing great shooters. Wootten expects his players to shoot the same way close as they would further away.
  • 25 Made 3s - A great way to extend a player's shot out.
  • 20 makes at 20 spots - This high-repetition shooting drill gets athletes real shots they will see in a game.
  • Shooting off fade screens - Another game-like series that gets players comfortable with taking a shot off of a screen.


Coach Wootten hits on valuable defensive concepts and drills, including his three keys to playing great defense:

  • Heart - Players must be willing to sacrifice in order to be a great team defender.
  • Mind - Players must know how to play the right way.
  • Feet - The essential key to great defense is to play with your feet and not your hands.

These three simple points are further explored throughout this section in the drills that Wootten uses to teach defense. While there are different strategies defensively in the game, Wootten's thoughts and drills can be applied to all. He adds a few quickness drills in this section, as one of the things all players can improve on is their quickness.


While most coaches stress the importance of rebounding, Coach Wootten focuses more on "going to get the ball." This simple concept may be the most important piece of any rebounding drill or strategy. Players must have the desire and commitment to go and get each and every rebound.

Wootten shows a few great drills that he uses to help his players excel at rebounding. The Superman drill is a basic, yet essential drill that players must excel at if they want to have success in Wootten's system. This conditioner is an excellent lesson in getting up and after the ball. Coach Wootten then adds a "second effort" drill that is a must-have.

Throughout the video, Coach Wootten does a great job of teaching each concept and fixing mistakes that his players make. You'll learn how to develop your players to become better at shooting, defense, and rebounding.

79 minutes. 2018

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