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Open Practice: 5-Man Spread Motion Offense

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Open Practice: 5-Man Spread Motion Offense

Open Practice: 5-Man Spread Motion Offense
Create and attack seams in your opponent's defense using screens and constant cutting action
  • Discover individual break down drills for correcting spacing, angles and footwork
  • Perfect the timing needed to efficiently run 5-out motion
  • Develop critical post skills such as slips, reverse pivots and game shots

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with Bob Huggins,
West Virginia University Head Coach;
2015 Big-12 Coach of the Year; 2015 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
over 850 career wins; C-USA Coach of the Decade

Fearing that too many play calls from the sideline yields robotic players, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins instead leans to a free-flowing, open-post style offensive scheme in order to help players feel comfortable and make plays on the court.

In an open-practice setting, Coach Huggins discusses how to build this style of motion offense with individual and team breakdown drills. You will get to see the motion offense and set plays that West Virginia uses in action through competitive segments in practice.

Motion Offense

Learn how to instill the passing and cutting skills necessary to run the Open Post motion with the Straight Line Cuts and 5-on-0 Backdoor drill. Both of these drills work on technique, spacing and timing for players to get open for the ball while filling to the next spot or a backdoor versus a defensive overplay. You will see how Coach Huggins uses the screen away to free up players by curling or rejecting the screens.

The playbook opens more as viewers witness how the motion-based offense flows into flex sets, 1-4 sets, and single/double screen situations. The segment ends with a full-court, 5-on-5 look that sees Huggins repeatedly stop play to instruct on errors in spacing, timing, effort and flaws in decision making, depending on how each set is defended.

In addition, Coach Huggins uses the whiteboard to diagram his 3-man screen-the-screener action that can be run out of the open post motion. You will then learn all of the teaching points for this set play as Coach Huggins has players demonstrating a variety of actions that can be run with this set.

Positional Drills: Posts

Post players go through over 11 individual-based drills that work on move sets (jump hooks, reverse pivots, drop steps), screening (roll vs pop) and duck-ins while also fine tuning their shooting range from 15 feet and in. All shots attempted are the types of shots they will see within the motion offense.

In the Reject, Backdoor, Post exercise, a post player cuts from the corner to the wing while simulating setting a screen, before executing a backdoor cut to the post. The drill incorporates both perimeter-based actions that the post player will be presented with (filling the wing, backdoor cuts) as well as the inside opportunities that will be available if open on the cut (individual offense on the block).

Positional Drills: Guards

The guard position is paced through various drills that work on over 14 different shot types. Catch and shoot 15-footers, catch and shoot 3-pointers, pump-fakes, 1 dribble pull-ups (both directions), 2 dribble change-in-direction moves and middle drive pull-up jumpers are all on display as players build an offensive repertoire not only to benefit themselves, but also to create shot opportunities for teammates.

All drills are partner-based and involve a ball handler driving down the center lane from half-court and executing a move in order to set up a drive-n-kick shot attempt for a teammate, before relocating and receiving a pass from a coach for a shot of their own. The shot types on display are done at game speed and are designed to improve on the perimeter-based skill level required to function within the offensive scheme.

Come see how Coach Huggins, a guru of the open post motion, develops his offense with this inside look at a West Virginia practice.

97 minutes. 2015.

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